Team work technologies is expert on Web, IPhone, Android, Ruby on Rails and Game Development. Our work philosophy is simple, deliver quality and value by generating flexible software solutions within a fun, disciplined and a receptive work environment that promotes unity and fortify the strength of the company.

Who We Are?

What makes us distinctive is our ability to assist clients and meet challenges. We serve them to enrich their productivity by guaranteeing that their core business functions work faster, cheaper and better, using our ability to conceptualize, we design, innovate and implement with the latest and advanced tech proficiencies, hence enabling our clients to metamorphose their legacy models.

Don’t reinvent the wheel We use open source where possible after carrying out due diligence to ensure robustness and sanity E.g. we use jQuery, UJS, RSpec to ensure we hit the road running. We have worked extensively on PHP frameworks and worked on integrating with third party applications through REST API’s on several projects Utilizing frameworks effectively This means not writing the spaghetti code. We don’t monkey patch unless the walls are caving in and we have no option. We do daily peer code reviews and regular all hands code review. We write the code so it can reviewed and appreciated in addition to the end user experience Up to date We keep up to date on trends and conventions happening in the web world. We know what features are in vogue and what are out, and can help in ensuring your web applications look professional. Responsive design, usability testing are just the tip of the iceburg

Meet Our Team

A Perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry. The best people formula for great websites.

Muhammad Awais

Founder and CEO

Khadim Hussain


Muhammad Naeem

Business Development Exective

Muhammad Irfan

Sales & Marketing Manager

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable people, enterprises, and verticals to build high performing solutions to disrupt and make a positive difference in this world. Mobile & cloud technologies are constantly changing the world; DevBatch has built great experience and unique advantage in both. Since our inception 5 years ago, we have been helping our clients with innovative products which inspire, not just to succeed, but to lead humanity.

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What Sets Us Apart

We understand the value of customization

We strive to continually deliver unprecedented solutions which cater directly to your business needs.

Our Values

Multipurpose and Responsive

We have experts in our teams, who provide the best solutions, Designers with innovative idea, Front-end developers working at their best and Back-end developer keen to develop smooth and responsive applications.

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