Today every other organization have an interest in making a stabilized and powerful online presence, it means a web developer must do lots of work. And web development is becoming a great opportunity as ever. As per the latest survey, there are more than 876 million websites running on the internet and this count is increasing every other hour. There are various platforms for web development, but the main point is to opt the right one amongst them.

AngularJS was born in 2009 and since its inception, it is created some ripples in the market. AngularJS is an open source web application framework which revolves around HTML (Hyper Text Mark Up Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and JS (Java Script).

AngularJS could be a solid JavaScript framework that was designed and developed by dedicated developers from Google to alter front-end development. The resource comes with such a large number of frameworks and plugins for designers Moreover as developers. It’s exhausting to imagine the event of a contemporary single page application while not Angular.js. It helps developers to make most design and rectifiable applications. so AngularJS is additionally termed as a next massive issue for the online applications. So, let’s discover why to settle on AngularJS would be a right call for your project.

  1. Another product of Mighty Google

The best thing about Angular.JS is that it is built by Google, and with Google, the first things come in mind is reliability.  This is the first reason why a new web developer must choose Angular.JS rather than any other angular framework. Google developed and now maintaining all the activities of Angular.JS, this makes a great opportunity for developers to Google and other to learn from professional and certified open source experts. Addition to this if the developer faces some issue or problem regarding the framework it is the duty of google to solve that.


The second benefit of Angular.js is the large community on two biggest platforms  (Google+Reddit). These communities have both core developers and the users if you want to know about the solutions of any Angular.JS problem you can find that on these forums. Conferences dedicated to Angular.js are held global; it is discussed at hackathons and in various IT communities. There are many books and online resources on AngularJS for developers.


AngularJS is based on MVC architecture for developing a web application. For implementing MVC you just need to split your app and rest all is managed by AngularJS. MVC architecture stands for Model View Controller where in:

  1. Model maintains the data
  2. View is responsible for displaying data
  3. Controller acts as a bridge to establish connection between View and Model

As its pattern language, Angular.js uses HTML. It is expanded with directives(for example, <calendar></calendar>,

) that add the code information about the necessary behavior. Directives make you focus on creating logics and thus allow you to work more productively. You can reuse them in order to improve code readability.

We can use directives as HTML elements
<listing> </listing>

custom class names
<div class=”listing”></div>

or custom element attributes
<div listing></div>


AngularJS may be a nice alternative if you explore for the JavaScript framework that permits advanced internet application development. It’s particularly sensible for building single page applications that became quite fashionable in recent years because it improves an online user expertise by simplifying navigation and presenting all the data during the acontemporary easy-to-digest method. Since AngularJS was designed and developed by a gifted developer’s team from Google, it’s got a solid foundation and is well-maintained. Interested or excited to decide on AngularJS as your next internet development project, rent our skillful AngularJS developers to develop nice framework best fitted to your single applications wherever knowledge and look at ar separated in step with the MVC pattern.

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